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May, 2006.
Message from Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council

Mexico 2006 will go down as a fine and great celebration of water, a celebration of the water community. This Forum was the opportunity for an open debate, a respectful dialogue to insist upon the idea that there is no development possible without water.

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APRIL, 2006.
Message from Cristóbal Jaime Jáquez, General Director, National Water Comission of Mexico

As such, the work of the 4th World Water Forum can be divided into three stages. The first one, which was very productive, was called the preparatory process. The second one consisted on the holding of the Forum. And the final phase, equally important, consists of correcting or adapting the route we must follow on our communities, countries and regions in terms of water management and preservation, after all the proposals, experiences and local actions have been presented.

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MARCH, 2006. 2nd edition
Message from Vicente Fox, President of Mexico

Today, water occupies a relevant space in the agendas of all nations. At least 400 million people live in regions where water is severely scarce.

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MARCH, 2006. 1st edition
Native women, the protection of wetlands on the high plateau and ecotourism exploitation

For centuries, the native communities in Northern Chile have managed natural resources in a sustainable manner, principally in the lands called Vegas and Bofedales. However, in recent years the loss of flora and wild fauna has occurred, as a result of continuous extraction of the aquifers linked to these wetlands.

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FEBRUARY, 2006. 1st edition
Interview with José Luis Luege Tamargo, Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources

Water and sanitation are crucial to attain sustainable development: promoting access to water and household sanitation works as a catalyst in efforts to erradicate poverty, safeguard human health and manage and protect natural resources, stated the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico.

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JANUARY, 2006. 2nd edition
International Legislative Encounter on Water Issues

In the framework of the 4th World Water Forum, nearly 100 Parlamentarians from all the regions of the world will participate in the International Legislative Encounter on Water Issues that will take place at the Chamber of Diputies of Mexico. Its results will be presented in a closed door meeting to the Ministers attending the 4th Forum.

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JANUARY, 2006. 1st edition
Financing Water for All

José Ángel Gurría, who will assume the General Direction of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on June, headed the Task Force meeting on Financing Water for All that will concentrate on analyzing the progress on financing since the publication of the Camdesus report during the 3rd Forum three years ago.

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Children, Water and Education

During the Third Leaders´ Workshop of Thematic, Regional and Interested Parties, in Monterrey, the participation of children in the 4th World Water Forum was announced, in the event entitled "Children, Water and Education".

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Water Encounter in Monterrey 2005

"Each day, 25,000 people die due to waterborne illnesses", declared Loïc Fauchon, President of the World Water Council at a media conference, during the 3rd Water Encounter in Monterrey:

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Local Actions for a Global Challenge

"The international community should set a goal of reducing the number of lives lost to water-related natural disasters by half by 2015, which is feasible to do in current conditions through effective early alert systems". Kenzo Hiroki, Head of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

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