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March 16-22, 2006, Mexico

The Forum in Mexico was organized on a daily basis according to the Thematic Matrix -one Framework Theme per day and the Cross-cutting Perspectives dealt with throughout the week and for each Framework Theme.

The way the Framework Themes were sequenced during this week was not random.
It is important to start with Framework Theme No1: Water for Growth and Development to lay from the outset the policy context of water policy making, followed by Framework Theme No.2: Implementing IWRM, which represents the means to address the central developmental goals of water policy making. After, more specific elements of the water problematic as represented by Framework Themes 3, 4, and 5: Water Supply and Sanitation, Water for Food and the Environment and Risks Management.

During the first part of the Forum mornings the Thematic and Cross-cutting Documents were presented, followed by key-note speakers. Later two periods of parallel Topic-Sessions were held, followed by lunch within the grounds of the venue, continued in the afternoon with another period of parallel sessions. Each day was closed with a wrap-up session and some special events.

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4th World Water Forum, Mexico City, March 16-22, 2006